Aashish Panthi
Full-stack Developer
Ui/UX Designer,
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  • Bootstrap, Materialize
  • Sass, Less
  • GIT knowledge

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Aashish Panthi
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32 +
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20 +
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My Services

Web Development
With more than 3 years of experience, I can design and build your complete website in a snap
UI/UX Design
I don't like website that looks weird, so I make mocups that best fits your company using tools like figma.
App Development
I can make an app that run on both ios and android using tools like React Native, Java, Kotlin.
Video Editing
The best way to present something is to use videos. I love to make videos and I can make videos for you also.
I write blogs related to coding tips, tricks, tools and news. You can request one if you like.


Rajesh Khadka
Rajesh Khadka
Team member
Aashish Panthi is very hard working and extremely talented individual. He is good at web development and also has a deep technical knowledge. He also shares his coding skills and coding tips through his technical blog.
-Highly recommended
Saroj Regmi
Saroj Regmi
Team member
Aashish is more than just a team member, he is a good mentor and a hardworker. Without him many project would have been dropped. Due to his dedication, many projects were completed. He is one of the best team member I have meet so far.
Shiva Raj Paudel
Shiva Raj Paudel
Team member
Working with Aashish has been a pleasure. He is more the just a team member . He is also a good mentor. Without him our project is just incomplete. By choosing him as your Freelancer, i think it is just like give work to you own Family Member.
Paul Magar
Working with Aashish has been a pleasure. Better yet - I alerted them of a minor issue before going to sleep. The issue was fixed the next morning. I couldn't ask for better support.

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